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Janet Kramer

Helping People Make Strong Financial And Business Decisions

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Janet Kramer has been self-employed for more twenty years, with stints in website design, search engine optimization, marketing, and accounting.

Her passion today is accounting and finance, and she’s a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed in the state of Colorado.

Janet has a bachelor degree  in business administration from Columbia College in Missouri. She also has a master degree in applied communications (with a concentration in alternate dispute resolution) from the University of Denver in Colorado.

Janet loves to help small businesses by providing “accounting, bookkeeping, and financial information so that owners can make sound econcomic and business decisions.”

Business Purpose And Coaching Style
As a business coach, Janet is “direct, positive, and able to provide lots of valuable ideas and information.” She can easily break things down (even the most complicated concepts and issues) and make them seem easy. Her educational style of coaching and consulting helps keep clients from getting overwhelmed or frustrated.

Janet is accurate, adaptable, honest, resourceful, and helpful. Her personal philosophy, which is woven throughout her coaching, is to “take one step at a time and keep building upon it.” She also often advises clients to “stay positive and be prepared to adjust or adapt as needed.”

Small Business Coaching And Consulting Services
Janet offers individual business coaching, as well as coaching packages. She also offers business consulting services, including QuickBooks training and accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services.

Personal Notes
Born and raised in California, Janet now lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with her husband Mark.

Janet’s interests include: cooking, working out, reading, eating out, shopping, watching sports (on TV and in-person), and spending time with her husband and their cat and dog.

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Please note: We offer coaching for small businesses across the Denver metro area, Colorado, and throughout the U.S.

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Types Of Coaching Offered

Favorite Type Of Client

Janet’s favorite type of client is:

  • start up businesses
  • one-person businesses
  • small to medium-size businesses who have an in-house bookkeeper but would like a CPA to close the books and provide a second set of eyes to make sure internal controls and separation of duties are in place
  • individuals who are planning to retire and want a coach to help them through the transition
  • people who are clear on what they want to achieve (e.g. get out of debt, change careers, retire)