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Rolf Evenson

Helping Business Owners Unleash Their Innate Capacities In Business And In Life

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Rolf Evenson small business coach

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In 1999, Rolf Evenson left a successful career as an architect to become a transformational coach.

His inspiration for switching careers was his fifteen-year study of the “Insight Principles” (also referred to as the “Three Principles”). These fundamental principles explain how the mind works, and Rolf has made it his life’s work to help clients unleash the invisible power of the mind, in business and in life.

Rolf believes that “entrepreneurship is one of the strongest forces for change in the world.” By helping entrepreneurs and business leaders build sustainable companies and solve real problems, he is helping them make the world a better place.

Business Purpose And Coaching Style
As a business coach, Rolf enjoys “watching clients unleash their natural capacity for getting things done and living well.” His personal philosophy is that every human being, without exception, “has the innate capacity for wellbeing, connecting powerfully with others, creative endeavor, and high performance.”

Rolf’s coaching style is perceptive and spiritual, playful and provocative, compassionate and empowering. He is adept at “helping clients ground themselves in the simple truth of how the mind works so they can escape the constraints of their own thinking and access their natural capacities for getting things done.”

He loves to work with entrepreneurs and business creators who have both a vision and the courage to follow it. Rolf is a co-founder and board member for “Startup Longmont,” which is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a supporting a thriving entrepreneurial eco-system in Longmont, Colorado.

Small Business Coaching And Consulting Services
Rolf offers business coaching for individuals and work teams. He also offers group coaching through his “Executive Insight Forum.”

In addition to business coaching, Rolf also offers business consulting services. He specializes in helping business owners solve “wicked problems that may be chronic, that seem intractable, where all attempts at solving them have failed, where the payoff for solving them is significant.”

He primarily works with small- and medium-size businesses (start ups that have $100k in revenue or funding, up to businesses with $10 million in annual revenue).

Personal Notes
Born and raised in Minnesota, Rolf now resides in Longmont, Colorado. He and his wife Laurie have two grown children. Rolf’s interests and passions include: cycling, wilderness canoeing, rock climbing, reading, and playing the electric bass guitar.

His extraordinary personal achievements include: climbing the Nose route on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, paddling the 400-mile Canadian shoreline of Lake Superior in an open canoe, and singing in the world-renowned St. Olaf Choir.

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Please note: Our coaching is available for small businesses in  the Denver metro area, Colorado, and across the U.S.

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Types Of Coaching Offered

Favorite Type Of Client

Rolf’s favorite type of client is:

  • early stage start ups ($100k in revenue or funding) to medium-sized businesses ($10 million in revenue)
  • business owners who have outstanding technical or business skills but are challenged by the human dimensions of business
  • entrepreneurs who need help with team building (leadership, strategy, synergy, conflict resolution)
  • bold leaders who are seeking transformational results