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Free Business Plan Review

As a special offer, we’re pleased to offer a free business plan review (regular value $195).

Send us your 1-page business plan, and we’ll have one of our small business coaches review it and provide feedback, including up to 10 suggestions, ideas, or recommendations. The business plan review includes a free telephone consultation.

If you haven’t written a business plan yet, you can use our 1-page synopsis (see below) that describes the business that you’re planning to start and/or grow.

Why bother with a business plan? A business plan can help you put form to your dream, eventually serving as a roadmap for the decisions you’ll make in the days, months, and years to come. It doesn’t have to be fancy, formal, or overly detailed to provide value.

Why bother getting feedback on your business plan? Feedback from a small business coach who has worked with hundreds of small business owners, across a variety of industries, can be invaluable. Since it’s your “baby,” you might be too close to it to see a potential new opportunity…or threat. If your business plan is incomplete, we can also steer you in the right direction to get the information you need.

For information about the free business plan review, please call us at (720) 312-8737. If you’re ready to get started, just e-mail your business plan to, and we’ll review your business plan within 3 working days.

1-Page Business Plan Synopsis
A good business plan doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. Some of the best business plans can be written on a cocktail napkin! If you don’t have a business plan, but would like to test your idea (for a start-up, expansion, or growth), and get feedback from a small business coach, just answer the questions below.

If you aren’t able to answer some of the questions, don’t worry – in the free phone consultation, you can get help from your small business coach.

Name of your business:

Date you started (or plan to start your business):

How much will it cost to start (or expand your business):

Actual or projected annual revenues (from the past year and/or this current year):

Briefly describe your 3-5 primary products or services:

List pricing for your 3-5 primary products or services:

List cost of goods for your primary products or services:

Briefly describe what makes your products or services different and/or better than other similar products or services:

List the top 5 ways you’ll market your products or services:

Briefly describe your experience and what makes you qualified to run this type of business:

What would be the biggest threat/obstacle to making this business a success:

Anything you’d like to add: