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Emilie Downs

Creating Branding And Marketing That Tell The “Why” Of A Business

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Emilie Downs Branding Coach

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With over nine years of experience as a branding and marketing coach, Emilie Downs is a gifted “brand doctor” who loves working with small to medium-size businesses. Prior to opening her own design firm in Denver in 2008, she earned a BA in graphic design from South Dakota State University and served as an art director for a Denver-area agency.

Emilie works with clients by utilizing a process of probing questions that reveal the “why” behind the business, which allows companies to clarify their brand and message. Her proprietary approach creates a brand in a strategic way and leads to well-thought out marketing, rather than a reliance on random or faddish marketing to grow the business.

Emilie helps businesses discover why they truly exist, what their products or services truly fulfill, and why they truly matter. She assists clients in moving beyond business categories, in order to fully tell their stories, in visuals and words. The result is clarity for the business owner, the business, the employees, and the business’ customers or clients.

Before any significant branding, marketing, or design work is undertaken, Emilie works with clients to drill down to gain clarity and understanding. She loves the “ah-ha” moments that occur when owners discover their individual truths.

Emilie can create effective and beautiful logos, websites, advertising, direct mail pieces, brochures, publications, and all other types of marketing materials (both online and offline).

Business Purpose And Coaching Style
Emilie decided to become a branding coach after “seeing a lot of small business owners throw marketing money at the wall to see what would stick.” She knew she could help them figure out what’s important to focus on, help them find the right marketing message that speaks to their prospects, and help them tell their stories in a more meaningful way.

One of her favorite aspects of coaching is “getting business owners clear on their message and who they serve so they can make more money and get more clients.”

Always calm, Emilie is a good listener who can ask the tough questions that get clients to open up and understand their problems on a deeper level.

Emilie’s business philosophy is based on, “strategy not purpose, outcome not output, and taking the conceptual and making it tangible.” Above all, she believes in “the attainability of beauty.”

Small Business Coaching And Consulting Services
Emilie offers branding coaching and consulting, as well as marketing coaching and consulting.

Personal Notes
Born and raised on a farm in Gettysburg, South Dakota, Emilie now lives in Denver with her husband Tony, who is a photographer, and Bruno, their Boston Terrier.

Emilie’s interests and passions include the following: reading, writing historical fiction and non-fiction, and gardening. She loves thinking about flowers, staring at flowers, and growing flowers.

In 2014 and 2016, Emilie had her writing recognized by the Denver Women’s Press Club, in its annual “Unknown Writer’s Contests.” In 2003, her design work was featured in HOW International Design and Print Regional Design magazines.

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