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Free Cash Flow Worksheet For Small Businesses

How the cash flows in and out of your small business can make the difference between feeling relaxed or stressed out, and sometimes even determine success or failure. If you’d like to predict the cash flow for the next year of your business or run long-range forecasting models for a start up, use this free cash flow worksheet.

The two factors that determine the profitability of your small business are revenues and expenses (overhead expenses and cost of goods).

But two other factors determine whether your business will have a healthy cash flow: how quickly your clients or customers pay you and how quickly you pay your overhead expenses, employees, and vendors

Proactive moves such as raising your prices and cutting expenses can impact longterm profitability, but they won’t necessarily have a short term impact on cash flow.

Is your cash flow much tighter than you’d like? Do you know your “burn rate” (the amount of money you’re losing each month as you make your way toward breakeven)? Should you change your payment terms – with clients and/or vendors? Do you need to take out a small business loan?

A small business coach can help you answer these financial questions and others.

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Download the free cash flow worksheet for small businesses – Excel.

Download the cash flow worksheet for small businesses – PDF.

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