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Group Coaching For Small Businesses

If you believe that the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts, then you’ll love participating in group coaching for small business owners!

Group coaching can be a powerful tool for business owners to grow their businesses, their relationships, and their personal fulfillment.

Group coaching for small business owners generally includes 4-15 people, who often have something in common (same type of industry, same stage of business growth, same traits as entrepreneurs, etc.).

The group coaching can take place through in-person meetings and/or conference calls. Group coaching is generally offered as a package, for a defined period of time (such as 12 weeks), but can also be offered for an indefinite period.

In addition to group meetings, a group coaching package may also include one-on-one coaching, as well as e-mail support.

The benefits of group coaching for small business owners include:

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Please note: If you’d prefer more customized support and individualized, focused attention, one-on-one business coaching may be a better option for you.

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