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Top 10 Questions To Ask A Business Coach

Are you thinking about hiring a small business coach? Most small business coaches offer a free consultation, which should give you the opportunity to ask questions.

Below are great questions to ask, to see if you’re a good fit and if business coaching will benefit you.

What Is Your Business Background?
Ask your small business coach about his/her business experience, particularly as it relates to small businesses and entrepreneurialism. Racking up years of corporate experience isn’t the same thing as spending years in the trenches as a small business owner.

What Coaching And/Or Consulting Experience Do You Have?
Ask your small business coach how much business coaching and/or business consulting he/she has. The more, the better!

What Education, Training, Continuing Education, And Certifications Do You Have?
Ask your small business coach about his/her education, training, and certifications.

What Types Of Business Owners Do You Work With?
Ask about the types of businesses your small business coach has worked with. Does he/she have a particular specialty?

What Is Your Coaching Approach?
Ask about your small business coach’s approach to working with clients. Is it a combination of coaching and consulting? Is it structured or organic? Is it directional or collaborative? There is no “right” or “wrong” way to coach clients, but, ideally, your small business coach’s style should match your wants and needs.

How Will We Work Together?
Ask how you will work with your small business coach. How often will you meet? Will you meet in-person, by phone, by video conferencing (such as Skype or GoToMeeting)? How much support will you have between coaching sessions? Will you be able to call or e-mail if questions or concerns arise between coaching sessions.

What Are Your Fees?
Ask how much the small business coach charges, and if there are coaching packages that might benefit you.  Learn about the ROI on coaching.

Is There A Minimum Commitment?
Ask about the length of time and/or sessions the small business coach recommends or requires. Some business coaches will work with clients in a single session or for a few months, while others prefer to have long-term commitments.

What Do You Expect Of Me?
Are you ready for coaching?  Ask what the small business coach will expect of you, at the beginning of your coaching relationship, and throughout the weeks and months to come. Some business coaches assign a lot of “homework,” while others work with clients in a more individualized, organic way. To get the most out of your business coaching, you’ll want to do your part, whatever’s expected of you.

Do You Offer A Free Business Coaching Consultation?
Ask if the small business coach offers a free consultation. In this consultation, you should be able to get all of your questions answered, talk about how you’ll work together, and even start to work on some of your goals and/or issues.  You can also ask about the differences between coaching vs mentoring.

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