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Start Up Coaching For Small Businesses

There is, perhaps, nothing more exhilarating than starting a small business! Being your own boss, setting your own hours, making your own decisions, following your passion, living your dream, doing things the way you believe they should be done! These are just a few of the benefits that come with owning your own business.

But starting a small business from scratch can also be risky, and even a little frightening at times.

Finding enough clients or customers, paying all your bills, uncertainty at every turn, being pulled in a million directions, feeling lonely and isolated, so much to learn and do! These are some of the feelings that many small business owners experience in the first days, months, and years of owning their own businesses.

If you would like support, from day one, consider hiring a small business coach who specializes in coaching owners through the start up phase.

A small business coach can help with:

If you would like to hire a small business coach to help you through the start up phase, start by scheduling a free consultation with one of our small business coaches, or e-mail

Please Make Note: If you’re interested in start up coaching, you might also benefit from business plan coaching, strategy coaching, operations coaching, and management coaching.  Learn more about coaching fees by following this link.

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