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Why Hire A Coach

Why hire a small business coach?

Below are the primary reasons people hire a small business coach.

How can you achieve what you want, if you don’t know what that is? A small business coach can help provide clarity and vision mapping so that you can begin to set small goals that can lead to big changes!

Are you ready for coaching?  Do you want to set goals, achieve them, and set new goals? Are you having a hard time motivating yourself to do everything you need to do in your business? Is there something you’ve been avoiding – such as making sales calls, correcting the behavior of an employee, paying your taxes, or organizing your office? What’s been on your list of things to do for the past few months – something important – that just never seems to get done? A small business coach can help hold you accountable for achieving the goals (big and small) that lead to the success you want.

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to grow yourself? Do you want someone to support you in reaching beyond what’s comfortable, to what’s possible? Business coaching can help you grow in ways you might never have imagined.

Do you want someone to advocate for you, and only you? Not your clients, not your employees, not your investors? Just you? Do you want undivided, personal attention? Something that you can’t get from your family or friends, who might have grown weary of hearing about your business ideas and challenges? A small business coach will advocate for you, even when you feel you can’t advocate for yourself.

Do you feel stuck? Mired in old relationships, or patterns, or self-sabotage? A business coach can help you get moving and keep moving.

Constructive Feedback
If you’re self-employed, you have no boss. And if you have no boss, you have no one to provide the honest feedback you need. You may have tried to get your family, friends, employees, or colleagues to provide feedback and felt disappointed in their responses. Because they know you (and also could be impacted by the business decisions you make), the people who are the closest to you often are the least likely to provide constructive feedback. With a business coach, you start with a clean slate and have someone who will continually provide unbiased, constructive feedback.

Running a small business can feel lonely and isolating. You may get snippets of support from networking with other small business owners, going to lunch with colleagues, conferring with employees, or confiding in your spouse. Knowing your business (and you!) inside and out, a business coach will be able to provide more consistent, ongoing support.

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