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Free Quizzes And Assessments For Small Businesses

As part of our commitment to supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs, we’ve compiled free resources for small businesses, including free quizzes and assessments.

Self-Employment Assessment Quiz
Are you ready to start and run a small business? Take this 20-question quiz and find out if you’re prepared to be an entrepreneur. Don’t worry if you’re not – a small business coach can help support your dream! Click here to learn more about the self-employment assessment quiz.

How Well Do You Know Your Marketing: Top 15 Questions
If you’re starting or running a small business, it’s critical that you have a solid marketing plan in place that can bring in and retain all of the business you want and need. How well do you know your target market, industry, competitors, and average cost of obtaining a new client or customer? Find out in this simple 15-question marketing assessment. If the assessment uncovers some further questions and/or weaknesses, you can work with a small business marketing coach to shore up your efforts. Click here to learn more about the marketing assessment for small businesses.

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Please note: In addition to free quizzes and assessments, we also have a number of articles and  free worksheets and forms for small businesses that you might find useful!

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