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How To Choose A Business Coach

Choosing a small business coach could be one of the most important decisions you will make in your business.

Below are the criteria that will help you choose the business coach that’s right for you.

Good Fit
Good fit is, by far, the most important criteria when it comes to choosing a small business coach. The relationship you have with your business coach will be one of the most important, intimate relationships in your life, and it’s critical that you feel you can trust your coach and that you’ll work well together. Does the coach have the experience and expertise you need for the goals you want to accomplish now? For example, if you need help with business strategy and operations, you should pick a coach with those strengths. If you need help with marketing and sales, you should pick a coach with that background. If you need help with a personal transition or crisis, you should pick a coach with strong life coaching skills.

Coaching Fees And Packages
How much does the small business coach charge, and what do you receive for those fees. Some coaches charge by the hour, while others charge by the month, or by the coaching package. Find out what’s included in those fees, monthly retainers, and/or packages. Is there e-mail support? Phone support outside of the scheduled consultations? Access to online materials, videos, and/or classes?

Individual Coaching And/Or Group Coaching
Most small business coaches offer individual coaching, through one-on-one sessions that typically take place via phone, Skype, or GoToMeeting. Some business coaches also offer group coaching.

Length Of Commitment For Your Coaching Engagement
Some business coaches will work with you on a short-term basis (potentially just a few coaching sessions), while others prefer long-term commitments that can extend over months. Ask your small business coach which type of commitment they prefer, and see if it meshes with what you’d like to do.

Some small business coaches will assign a lot of homework, including preliminary questionnaires and assessments. Ask the small business coach that you’re considering hiring how much homework will be involved with your coaching engagement. It’s helpful to know, upfront, what will be expected of you, so that you can determine if you’ll be able to follow through with your commitments.

Free Business Coaching Consultation
Each of our small business coaches is happy to offer a free 45-minute coaching consultation. In that free consultation, you can ask questions, find out more about the small business coach, and talk about what you’d like to accomplish through business coaching.

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