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Business Plan Coaching For Small Businesses

Have you thought about writing your business plan, but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Or have you tried, and stopped partway through, completely overwhelmed by the process?

If you want or need a business plan and would like support in writing it, a small business coach can help!

A comprehensive business plan will be a requirement if you plan to borrow money from a commercial lender or get funds from investors. But a simple business plan can also be a helpful tool when it comes to defining your vision, creating action steps, and staying on task.

A business plan is particularly useful for start up businesses, when hundreds of decisions need to be made in a short amount of time, many on the fly. A business plan can also come in handy if you’re planning to expand your business. That expansion may include: introducing new products or services, adding employees, buying equipment, increasing your office or retail space, or any other major change in your small business.

A small business coach can help you write the business plan and keep you on track for staying true to it and/or revising it as necessary.

A small business coach can help with all aspects of a business plan, including:

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Please note: If you’re interested in business plan coaching, you might also benefit from start up coaching, organization coaching, strategy coaching, and operations coaching.  

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