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Mentor Coaching For Small Businesses

In the corporate world, having a mentor and serving as a mentor is a fairly commonplace practice, but it seems to be less prevalent among small business owners. In part, that may be because most small business owners are stretched thin running their own businesses and are hesitant to commit to mentoring another entrepreneur.

Yet, mentoring can be a powerful experience, which can help you get to the next level, whatever that level is.

If you would like ongoing, effective mentoring, considering hiring a small business coach. A mentor coach with years of experience in small business, well, that would be great. But find a mentor coach who has not only run a small business, but who also has coached and/or consulted with hundreds of other small business owners, now, there’s the find!

A good mentor coach can teach, inspire, and guide you, helping you reach your maximum potential. The coach can also provide feedback, hold you accountable, and help you develop specific skills and knowledge.

In a small business setting – much more so than in an organizational setting – you need to continually stretch and grow, personally and professionally. The speed of change is occurring faster than ever before, and it’s hard to stay up on the latest trends, technology, and buying habits. Someone who has “been there, done that,” can help you learn to act, rather than react.

A mentor coach can help with the following:

If you would like find a mentor coach who’s a good fit for you, schedule a free consultation with one of our small business coaches, or e-mail  We can also discuss any questions regarding coaching vs mentoring.  Before your consult, feel free to look through our articles, worksheets, forms, quizzes, and assessments.  They are all downloadable and free!

Please note: If you’re interested in mentor coaching, you might also benefit from leadership coaching and management coaching.

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