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Is Your Business Running You?

Are you running your business, or is your business running you? We have designed this simple assessment to help you determine whether you’re weighed down by your business or in charge of it, acting or reacting, coping or thriving.

If you feel as if your business is running you, an experienced small business coach can help you stop destructive thoughts, patterns, cycles, and habits.

As a first step toward taking control of your business – and your life, take this simple assessment. Answer each question quickly, with a “yes” or “no.”

1) Do you work more than 40 hours per week on a regular basis?

2) Do you have at least 3 months of operating expenses (including your salary) in the bank?

3) Do you often seem to experience one crisis after another?

4) Do you have a marketing plan in place that brings in all of the business you want and need?

5) Do you seldom take vacations and/or work while you’re on vacation?

6) Are you caught up on all of your bills and taxes?

7) Do you often think about the business, even when you’re not working?

8) Do you follow through on your most of your plans – big and small?

9) Do you worry about money?

10) Do you have a clear mission and vision for your business, which you honor consistently?

11) Do you continually reinvent your products and services?

12) If you have employees, do you trust them and enjoy working with them?

13) Do you have a lot of business debt and/or personal debt?

14) Do you have a clear understanding of the trends in your industry?

15) Have you taken on too many tasks and responsibilities – personally and/or professionally?

16) Do you know who your top 3 competitors are and how you’ve differentiated your business from theirs?

17) Are you getting ready to borrow more money?

18) Do you feel like you have enough time in a day to get everything done?

19) Are you considering quitting your business and/or getting a job?

20) In the state your business is in now, would someone else want to buy it?

Okay, now it’s time to give yourself a score, to determine whether you’re running your business, or your business is running you.

Look at all of your answers to the even-numbered questions, and give yourself one point for every “yes” answer. Then, look at all of your answers to the odd-numbered questions, and give yourself one point for every “no” answer. Total up all of your points. The higher your score, the more your business is running you.

Regardless of your final score, give yourself proper credit for having the guts to take the assessment and answer the questions honestly. Now, have the courage to make changes so that a month from now or a year from now, your business and your life will be even healthier.

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