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Social Media Coaching For Small Businesses

Social media is everywhere, running through the threads of both our personal lives and business lives. Before you can understand and master one type of social media, the next “latest, greatest” app or website seems to pop up. Before you know it, you’re spending hours blogging and updating and posting and liking, and maybe even hating it all, never knowing if it’s having a positive impact on your business.

Stop! It’s time to work with a small business coach who specializes in social media.

Which type of social media would be best for your business? Should you set up a business account, a personal account, or both? How often should you post, and what should you post? How can you get enough people to follow you so that you look credible? Yikes, you got a bad review – what are you supposed to do now?

A social media coach can help you with all of this, and much more!

A social media coach can help:

Here’s how a social media coach can help with Facebook:

Here’s how a social media coach can help with LinkedIn:

Here’s how a social media coach can help with Twitter:

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Please note: If you’re interested in social media coaching, you might also benefit from branding coaching and marketing coaching.

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